Monday, September 22, 2008

Treasures In My Mailbox

I thought the mail was never coming today because it did not arrive until 6:15! It is normally here early afternoon so I was beginning to think it was a holiday and no one told me. I found treasures when I opened the mailbox though. First, there was the book I won from Coupon Cravings. It is a signed copy too! Next, was a free cookie from Kashi that I signed up for last week. I learned about this cookie from Freebies 4 Mom. Finally, I received an insert from Procter & Gamble because I filled out a survey from them a few weeks ago. If I find treasures like this each day, I won't mind going to the mailbox (it sure beats bills!).


jenn said...

I got my kashi cookie yesterday too. It was yummy!!!!!!

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